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Tom O'Brien Director of Athletics
Amy-Jo Gallagher Athletic Dept. Secretary
Andy Berube Athletic Trainer
David Warwick Athletic Trainer
Paul Sartori Head Baseball Coach
John Trask Asst. Baseball Coach
Nicholas Comei Asst. Baseball Coach
Ryan Ricci JV Baseball Coach
Charles Cashman JV Baseball Coach
Timothy Lawlor FR Baseball Coach
Freddie Ortiz FR Baseball Coach
Girls’ Basketball    
Melissa Tarpy Head Girls’ Basketball Coach
Adam Scott Asst. Girls’ Basketball Coach
Courtney Gagnon JV Girls’ Basketball Coach
Boys’ Basketball    
Souleymane Wane Head Boys’ Basketball Coach
James Wilson Asst. Boys’ Basketball Coach
Gregory Morales JV Boys’ Basketball Coach
  FR Boys’ Basketball Coach  
Liz Burgess Head Cheerleading Coach
Cameron Spearman Asst. Cheerleading Coach
Maria Francis Asst. Cheerleading Coach
Boys’/Girls’ Crew    
Connor Hayden Head Boys’/Girls’ Crew Coach
Emily Benson Asst. Boys' /Girls' Crew Coach
Boys’/Girls’ Cross Country    
Michael Maguire Head Boys’/Girls’ Cross Country Coach
Melanie Tarbox Asst. Boys’/Girls’ Cross Country Coach
Field Hockey    
Emma Panto Head Field Hockey Coach
Emma Laviolette Asst. Field Hockey Coach
Callie Joseph JV Field Hockey Coach
Tim O’Connor Head Football Coach
Dan Burrows Asst. Football Coach
Adam Scott Asst. Football Coach
Tommy Morgan Asst. Football Coach
Michael Kwegyir-Attah JV Football Coach
James Wilson JV Football Coach
John Kuhne FR Football Coach
James McAninch FR Football Coach
Daniel Tashjian FR Football Coach
Kevin Murphy Head Golf Coach
Ryan Ouellette JV Golf Coach  
Girls’ Gymnastics    
Melanie Tarbox Head Girls’ Gymnastics Coach
Mary Beth Saindon Asst. Girls' Gymnastics Coach
Girls’ Ice Hockey    
Gary Kane Head Girls’ Ice Hockey Coach
Michaela Kane Asst. Girls’ Ice Hockey Coach
Boys’ Ice Hockey    
Joe Roberts Head Boys’ Ice Hockey Coach
Sean Gleason Asst. Boys’ Ice Hockey Coach
Adam Hurrell JV Boys’ Ice Hockey Coach
Girls’ Lacrosse    
Kristy Robertson Head Girls’ Lacrosse Coach
David Robertson Asst. Girls' Lacrosse Coach
Liza Brackbill JV Girls’ Lacrosse Coach
Boys’ Lacrosse    
  Head Boys’ Lacrosse Coach  
Matthew Serra Asst. Boys’ Lacrosse Coach
  JV Boys’ Lacrosse Coach  
Boys’/Girls’ Ski    
Logan Seale Head Boys’/Girls’ Ski Coach
  Asst. Boys'/Girls' Ski Coach  
Girls’ Soccer    
Krystyna Callagy Head Girls’ Soccer Coach
Abby Zelenka Asst. Girls’ Soccer Coach
  JV Girls’ Soccer Coach  
Boys’ Soccer    
Souleymane Wane Head Boys’ Soccer Coach
Eric Perkins Asst. Boys’ Soccer Coach
Salo Seck Asst. Boys’ Soccer Coach
Timothy Lawlor JV Boys' Soccer Coach
Kara Melillo Head Softball Coach
Jason Sirois Asst. Softball Coach
Kendra Hobbs JV Softball Coach
Lexi Gutierrez JV Softball Coach
Natalie Willwerth FR Softball Coach
Girls’ Swim & Dive    
Meghan Feran Head Girls’ Swim Coach
Gina Trombly Asst. Girls' Swim Coach
Rebecca Driscoll Asst. Girls’ Dive Coach
Boys’ Swim & Dive    
George Nigro Head Boys’ Swim Coach
Paul Mueller Asst. Boys’ Swim Coach
Rebecca Driscoll Asst. Boys’ Dive Coach
Girls’ Tennis    
David Reed Head Girls’ Tennis Coach
Boys’ Tennis    
Zachary Eldridge Head Boys’ Tennis Coach
Boys’/Girls’ Indoor/Outdoor Track  
Michael Maguire Head Boys’/Girls’ Indoor/Outdoor Track Coach
Scott Brouillette Asst. Boys’/Girls’ Indoor/Outdoor Track Coach
Benny Scovotti Asst. Boys’/Girls’ Indoor/Outdoor Track Coach
  Asst. Boys’/Girls’ Indoor/Outdoor Track Coach  
Melanie Tarbox Asst. Boys’/Girls’ Outdoor Track Coach
Girls’ Volleyball    
Vincent Pettis Head Girls’ Volleyball Coach
Jeffrey Harris JV Girls’ Volleyball Coach
Ada Colon-Burdier FR Girls’ Volleyball Coach
Boys’ Volleyball    
Vincent Pettis Head Boys’ Volleyball Coach
Jeffrey Harris JV Boys’ Volleyball Coach
Ada Colon-Burdier JV Boys' Volleyball Coach
Timothy Lawlor Head Wrestling Coach
Anthony Griffin Asst. Wrestling Coach
Nicholas Wormald JV Wrestling Coach
Bill Mears Asst. Wrestling Coach
Unified Basketball    
Jason Burns Head Unified Basketball Coach
David Penn Asst. Unified Basketball Coach
Unified Track    
Jason Burns Head Unified Track Coach
David Penn Asst. Unified Track Coach

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